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About Apex Tactical

Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. was created to serve Law Enforcement personnel, competition shooters, and individuals who recognize the need for defensive tools to be more than "just adequate" for the job. We are a quality-driven and progressive organization - our product line, services, and expertise are continually evolving. Our mission is simple: superior parts, exceptional performance and craftsmanship, and above all, unparalleled customer service.

ATS, Inc. will not fit, install, or endorse any products that have not been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our staff. Personal experience, extensive field-testing, and follow up failure analysis are the essential methods by which we evaluate components that we recommend and use. It is not sufficient to just know that a part will work: we need to know why it works, and the limits of its operational envelope.

Team Apex

Randy Lee, President

Randy Lee offers 25 years of experience in the firearms industry. During this time, he has set the standard in competition revolver action work, high performance parts for the Smith and Wesson revolver and the M&P line of pistols. With a BS in Engineering, Randy ensures the quality and durability of parts carrying the Apex name.

Since 2005, Randy has been a senior instructor for the California Specialized Training Institute, focusing on officer safety/field tactics, shotgun & handgun operations. He is also a staff instructor with GrayGuns, Inc for the last six years.

On the competition circuit, Randy has placed in the top 20 overall at the International Revolver Championships for the past six years. He has also competed in multiple USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge shooting events as well.

Scott Folk, Vice President

Scott Folk comes to Apex from a machining and gunsmithing background that has prepared him to face any challenge that's thrown at him.

At Sac EDM & Waterjet, the nation's fourth largest such facility where he worked for 10 years, Scott developed his CNC, EDM and Waterjet expertise and rose through the ranks to ultimately manage the EDM department.

Prior to joining Apex Tactical, Scott worked for five years with well-known Master Gunsmith Bruce Gray of Grayguns, Inc. serving as an Apprentice, a Gunsmith and Shop Foreman for the custom gunsmithing operation known for specializing in H&K and Sig Sauer pistols. In his years with Grayguns, Scott also taught Practical Pistol shooting side by side with Bruce at multiple Grayguns Training courses across the United States.

While working with Grayguns, Scott joined the Volunteer Search and Rescue Team with the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office. During his involvement with Search and Rescue, Scott began training to become a Deputy Sheriff and was sworn in as a Volunteer Reserve Patrol Deputy in October 2008 and served Wheeler County for 1 year before he joined Team Apex.

Luigi & Zoey , Shop Dogs

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