Apex Glock Extractor (G-FRE) Fitting

The Apex FRE-G was designed as a close tolerance drop in part. Due to tolerance variations from slide to slide, minor adjustment may be necessary. As a safety precaution, ensure that the firearm is unloaded. After removing the original extractor from the pistol, check for any carbon build-up or debris that may have accumulated between the extractor and the extractor...

scott / November 28, 2012 / Random Apex / 0 Comments

Apex 2012 Fall Newsletter

From the Desk of Scott Folk As Turkey Day approaches, we find ourselves making plans for next year—like filling up white boards with new product ideas and erasing half of them because they’re terrible ideas that nobody would want to hear about. But before we go talking about all the new products we’re working on, we want to tell you...

scott / November 14, 2012 / Random Apex / 5 Comments


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