New Apex PVC Patches Have Arrived

From the Department of “It’s About Time” comes our sexy new PVC patch. The patches measure 3″ wide by 2.5″ high. They are $5.95 each and can be purchased online (CLICK HERE) at

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Coming Soon! New Apex P320 Triggers

Apex is in production on two new triggers for the P320. Apex first released a trigger for the Sig Sauer P320 back in early July of 2015. The Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger provided better ergonomics while maintaining the factory trigger pull weight. The all NEW Flat Advanced Trigger, and the Curved Advanced Trigger, scheduled for release later this month, each...

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‘Get Your Apex On’ With Free Shipping This Labor Day Weekend

LOS OSOS, Calif. – ‘Get Your Apex On’ this Labor Day weekend with free shipping on online orders placed Tuesday, August 30 thru Monday, September 5 at Take advantage of Apex’s free shipping to stock up on the wide selection of drop-in components such as: – Smith & Wesson M&P Triggers & Kits – Smith & Wesson M&P Barrels...

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Glock 43? Yeah, it fits.

Yes, the new Apex Glock Action Enhancement Trigger does fit the Glock 43. Remember, you’ll have to use your own factory trigger bar. #ApexThatGlock

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Apex Offers Free Shipping Now Thru Memorial Day

LOS OSOS, Calif. – Starting today, Tuesday, May 24, and running through Monday, May 30, Apex Tactical Specialties is offering free shipping on all orders from their online store at during this Memorial Day weekend. In addition, any order over $100 will receive a free Apex embroidered patch. The free shipping discount is automatic and no special coupon code...

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SDVE: S&W’s Hidden Gem

Aside from its predecessor, the oft maligned Sigma, few pistols in the enormous Smith & Wesson catalog are so looked down upon as the SDVE series. Thanks mostly, if not entirely, to its trigger. Designed with a fire control system meant to be transitional from the long rolling pull of a double-action-only service revolver to something shorter, the SDVE’s  trigger...

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Apex’s Scott Folk Takes 2nd In Revolver Division At USPSA Area 2

LOS OSOS, Calif. – Scott Folk of Team Apex claimed 1st A class shooter and finished second overall in the Revolver division this past weekend at the USPSA Area 2 Desert Classic. Folk shot the match using an Apex custom tuned Smith & Wesson Model 627 revolver. His final score of 1,462.4611, with one stage win, placed him second behind...

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Who Likes Green Base Pads?

ATTENTION SD9 OWNERS… We are giving away two (2) sets of Apex SD9 +3 Base Pads, and they’re green. Why green? Because shut up, they’re free so stop asking. Two lucky winners will each get a set of two of these gorgeous green Apex SD9 +3 Base Pads. Keep in mind, these are SD9 (as in 9mm) base pads. If...

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