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New M&P Products From Apex Tactical

Exciting things are happening here at Apex. Randy had an epiphiny the other day and came up with a way to drastically improve the felt reset of the M&P pistol. We’re calling this part the Reset Assist Mechanism or R.A.M. for short. We’re not going to get into how it works just yet, but the handmade prototype is in one...

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We had a customer bring in his 627 the other day saying that he has a bit of a problem… That was a bit of an understatement. The cylinder was jammed shut due to a round being wedged across the barrel cylinder gap. After a couple hours of drilling and pounding on it, we finally got the cylinder open. We...

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Sig Sauer Internal Lubrication

General Info When I assemble a Sig, I install what I call “the 3 primaries”, first. They are as follows: Decocking Assembly Hammer Rebound Assembly Magazine Release The first 2 are mandatory to install first, they can be installed later, but with a fair amount of difficulty for people like me with large hands. The Magazine Release can be installed...

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Lubrication of Sig Sauer pistol rails

This article is about what I personally recommend for lubricating Sig Sauer pistols. I have different methods for lubricating other guns, but this article is focused on the Sig Sauer pistols. My philosophy If metal rubs metal; you need grease between the parts. We lubricate guns simply to allow the parts that rub on one another to move smoothly. Modern...

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The IRC is is complete, now what?  Train for next year?  Sure, why not?  However, I’m not one to train for an entire year for just one match. I started my pistol shooting career Steel Challenge and IDPA when I was living in OR, but really liked USPSA Production when I started shooting it at the COSSA Shooting Range out...

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Sub 3lb Drop In Kits for the S&W M&P

Apex Tactical’s Latest addition to the After Market for the S&W M&P Line of pistols. The new Comp-AEK boasts a Sub 3lb trigger pull with parts that drop in and require no hand fitting.

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