Unboxing The New Glock AE Trigger

Check out Tactical Existence‘s unboxing video of the new Apex Glock Action Enhancement Trigger we sent to our friends at MOD 1 Firearms.

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Got A Question? Frank’s Got The Answer…Sorta

Here at Apex we try and provide pretty good customer service. But every once in a while we run into a question that’s a little too big to handle. That’s when we call in the proverbial “big dawgs” and turn to our very own Dammit Frank. A machinist, a welder and an EDM operator extraordinaire (in his own mind), Dammit...

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Pro Tip #18

Tom Gresham talks Apex trigger with a listener on the popular Gun Talk Radio.

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Game of Thrones…Apex Style

At this S&W Back Up Gun Nationals, held earlier this month, Scott Folk got to present the trophy to four of the five IDPA Division Kings.

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Countdown to the King

Hey, Apex is sponsoring the King of New England series and it wraps up this weekend at the sold-out S&W Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship…and, we are sponsoring that match, too.

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Going Back To Cali…

Apex Tactical Specialties returns as a major sponsor for 2014 California State IDPA Championship.

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Troubleshooting Pics – What We Need

If you’re having trouble with your pistol after installing our products and have contacted us, we may ask you to send photos to us for diagnostic. ┬áThe following photos are examples of what the photos should look like, please keep in mind that focus and lighting are most critical in this case as we’re going to use these photos to...

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