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Countdown to the King

Hey, Apex is sponsoring the King of New England series and it wraps up this weekend at the sold-out S&W Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship…and, we are sponsoring that match, too.

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Going Back To Cali…

Apex Tactical Specialties returns as a major sponsor for 2014 California State IDPA Championship.

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Troubleshooting Pics – What We Need

If you’re having trouble with your pistol after installing our products and have contacted us, we may ask you to send photos to us for diagnostic.  The following photos are examples of what the photos should look like, please keep in mind that focus and lighting are most critical in this case as we’re going to use these photos to...

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Please view the photo to compare your firearm with the two Sig Sauer firearms pictured above: The Sig Sauer firearm featured on the top of the photo has the correct mainspring boot type in order for the Apex ALLOY SIG SAUER MAINSPRING BOOT to fit and function properly in your firearm. (Boxed in Green) The Sig Sauer firearm featured on...

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Apex Magazine Extension Sales Information

Apex Magazine Extension Information Due to laws within CA and other states and municipalities, we are limiting the sale of our pistol magazine extensions.  The following is a list of states and some cities that we will not sell or ship magazine extensions to, due to magazine capacity limitations or other legalities. California,  Hawaii,  Maryland,  Massachusetts,  New Jersey, New York,...

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