Operation Specific Training – Personal M&P Armorer’s Course with Apex Tactical

With the impending release of the Apex Forward Set Sear and Trigger for the M&P Pistol we’re working on setting up a Personal Armorer’s Course and Practical Fundamentals training day in Florida.
You’ll walk away from this course with a sound understanding of how the S&W M&P is built and how to improve upon it’s revolutionary design.
This course will be the first opportunity for the general public to get their hands on the new Apex Forward Set Sear. Apex will be bringing a handful of products to the event and will be offering them for sale at special pricing.

Here are the details:

Who: Operation Specific Training will be hosting Randy Lee and Scott Folk of Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc.

What: 2 days of training.

Day 1: In depth Personal Armorer Training covering:
Complete disassembly
Tips and tricks for ease of reassembly by professional Gunsmiths
Troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques
How the Apex line of M&P Products function to enhance your pistol’s action
Mixing and matching Apex Springs and Factory Springs to acheive your desired trigger pull

Day 2: OpSpec Training’s 1 day Skill Builder Course – http://opspectraining.com/training.php#1
A condensed version of the Practical Fundamentals course and a refresher for attending advanced classes or as a stand alone course.

Safety and muzzle awareness
Stance, Grip and Trigger Control
Hitting the target on demand
Getting the gun out of and into the holster safely
Reloading smoothly

Where:Ancient City range in St. Augustine, FL.
3021 Agricultural Center Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32092
(904) 808-8559

When: May 14(Fri) & 15(Sat), 2011

Skill Builder: Class size and qualifications
Class size is presently limited to 25 students

Skill Builder: Pre-requisite
An open mind and a willingness to learn.

Jerry Jones
Randy Lee
Scott Folk

Course Pricing: $200 per day
Range fees: $25 per person

Forum member / Local Host:

Ammunition, Attire and Equipment:

Both Training Days
Firearm: Your own personal M&P pistol in good working order
Pen and paper.
Eye Protection

Day 1
1/8″ Roll Pin Punch -Recommend Brownell’s PN: 230-100-004
1/16″ Pin Punch – Recommend Brownell’s PN: 587-475-062
Small Jeweler’s or Gunsmith’s hammer – Recommend Brownell’s PN: 249-746-220
Bench block with a hole in it to allow pins to push out of the frame

Day 2
Ammunition: 500 rounds of quality factory or commercially reloaded ammo
Hydration: Camelback or equivalent, is recommended
Hearing Protection – Electronic hearing protection is recommended

Apex Products: In order to assure that enough parts are brought to the event, please put in your request for parts with Apex at least a week prior to the first day of training. email scott@apextactical.com for parts requests or call 805-528-5250

What to bring to a Operations Specific Training (OST) Pistol Course – http://opspectraining.com/training.php#4

How to sign up: Please contact our Training Coordinator Scott Folk if you would like to register for this course.

Email: scott@opspectraining.com with the following information:

Phone number
return email address

or call 270-983-0836

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  1. James Kesel - April 9, 2011 @ 4:33 pm

    I would like to attend at least Day one of the course. I am a IDPA competitor and shoot about 5 matches a month. I am a mid to upper level Sharpshooter in both SSP and ESP. Do you think I would benefit from your Day 2 instruction? Second question is: I have already installed the APEX sear, striker block and RAM in my competition gun. I have it tuned to the way I like it (I am not saying you could not improve it). Should I bring another M&P instead of possibly causing a problem with my comp gun?

    About a third of our club uses the M&P for competition and would benefit from my ability to teach them how to make the M&P run better. Very interested in the new trigger as the current trigger reset requires most people to use the large grip to assure good a trigger push. Our club is locate in SW Florida and has about 65 competitors in both IDPA and USPSA.

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