Apex 5.00

Apex 5.00" Slide for FN 509 - ACRO/MPS Slide Cut

Apex 5.00” Slide for FN 509

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This is a complete, ready-to-fire upper assembly for your FN 509 pistol. Remove your factory slide, install the upper onto your FN 509 frame and take it to the range. The striker and extractor are pre-installed and ready to go. This slide is manufactured to Apex’s highest-level quality standards from the best materials available and tested to last. This slide has the following features/options:

  • Apex 5.00” Slide
  • Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
  • Included RMR Pattern optic cut and matching cover plate
  • Available Sight Options:
    • Standard Height Sights (XS 3 Dot Orange Ring Front)
    • Suppressor Height Sights (Black/Black)
  • Finish Options: NP3 (Satin Gray), Black Melonite, Flat Dark Earth (PVD Coating)
  • Apex Heavy Duty Striker and Apex Failure Resistant Extractor installed
  • Apex Hammer-Forged 9mm Barrel Options:
    • 1/2-28 Threaded (w/ Thread Protector)
    • Non-Threaded
  • Yellow Recoil Assembly


Threaded barrels are not for sale to the following locations: CA, CT, HI, NJ, NY, DC & City of Aurora, IL


Maintenance Recommendations:
- Most metal parts should be cleaned and lubricated regularly with a firearms grade lubricant.
- The Striker, Striker Channel and Striker Block should be clean and dry when assembled. Any lubricant on these components will cause the striker to slow and may cause a failure to ignite the primer.

- The barrel needs to be lubricated in the following locations
- Muzzle Lockup surfaces (Top & Bottom) from the muzzle back roughly 3/4"
- Top Lockup Surface in front of the chamber
- Bottom Lockup surface
- Use any Gun Grade Oil or Grease, lubricants that stay in place are best.
- We recommend that the frame rails receive lubrication, not the slide rails. See our lubrication video for details.

Life Cycle:
- The Springs included in your slide are designed and manufactured by Apex, they are rated for 8,000 rounds before replacement.
- Replacement spring kits are available from Apex
- https://www.apextactical.com/slide-maintenance-kit-for-fn-509

Dry Fire:
- Though the Apex slide includes an Apex Heavy Duty Striker, we recommend against dry firing your slide without the presence of a Snap Cap in the chamber to absorb the excess energy from the impact of the striker. This will extend the life of your striker by an order of magnitude.

Replacing Sights: The dovetails are cut to accept any sights that will fit an FN 509 factory slide.

Corrosion Resistance: Though the slide and barrel are made of Stainless Steel, this does not mean they cannot rust. To prevent corrosion, we recommend you occasionally wipe down the slide with oil. Regular lubrication of the barrel will prevent rust.

Optic Mounting: Check the specifications from your optic manufacturer for the proper torque on your screws. If no recommendations exist, we recommend all screws be torqued to 20 in-lb (Inch Pounds) MAXIMUM.



For Use In These Guns

For use in the following FN model pistols: All present variantes of the FN 509 (including Tactical, Midsize and Compact).

Does Not Fit These Guns

NOT for use in FNS or FNS Compact models.

Not for use in the FN 503

What's Included

1 ea. Apex Complete Slide Assembly for FN 509

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