Apex 5.00

Apex 5.00" Slide for FN 509 - ACRO/MPS Slide Cut

Apex 5.00” Slide for FN 509 - RMR Slide Cut

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This is a stripped slide for your FN 509 pistol. You will need to supply all of your own internals from your factory FN 509 slide, and you’ll need a barrel.  All spaces in the slide accept factory FN components.  For optimal performance, all Apex parts for the 509 fit this slide.


We are no longer offering complete slides on the website.  If you're interested in ordering our slide for your pistol fully assembled and ready to install and shoot, contact our Customer Service team via email or phone to place your order for a Slide Completion Kit, slide, and barrel.  Due to pre-existing agreements with our vendors, we're only able to sell certain components installed into a complete slide.



The Apex 5" Slide is machined from Stainless Steel and cut for RMR Optics. Features include:

  • Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
  • Suppressor Height Black on Black sights
    • Note: the dovetails are cut to accept any sights that will fit an FN 509 factory slide
  • Black Nitride Finish

This slide is cut with the appropriate geometry to directly mount a Trijicon RMR which accepts a Holosun 507C and like optics.

Check the specifications from your optic manufacturer for the proper torque on your screws. If no recommendations exist, we recommend all screws be torqued to 20 in-lb (Inch Pounds) MAXIMUM.


Options for Internals

  1. Use the factory parts from your present FN slide.
  2. Contact Apex Customer Service to order a Slide Completion Kit, we will fully assemble the slide for you prior to shipping. This Slide Completion Kit can only be purchased with a slide from Apex and must be installed by Apex. Parts listed below.
  3. Purchase new Factory FN components from Midwestgunworks.com or Brownells.com.


If you want to completely assemble this slide with maximum Apex parts, you'll need the following:

All of the below items are included in the Slide Completion Kit (Except the barrel), including the factory FN components. Contact our Customer Service team to order a Slide Completion Kit. Due to pre-existing agreements with our vendors, we're only able to sell certain components installed into a complete slide.  Price for the Slide Completion Kit is $200.00

Barrels sold separately.

Apex 9mm Threaded Barrel for 5" FN 509 (LS Edge) (105-074)
Apex 9mm Non-Threaded Barrel for 5" FN 509 (105-073)


For Use In These Guns

For use on all FN 509 frame sizes including the full size 509, 509 Midsize, 509 Compact, 509 Tactical, LS Edge, and CC Edge models currently available

Does Not Fit These Guns

Note for use with any other pistol

What's Included

1 ea. Apex 5" Slide Cut for RMR Footprint Optics (Stripped = No Internals)

1 ea. Suppressor Height Sights

1 ea. Set of Optic Mount Screws for Holosun Optics (Thread Locker Pre-applied)(Approx Length .375")

1 ea. Set of Optic Mount Screws for RMR Optics (Thread Locker Pre-applied)(Approx Length .413")

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