Single Point Nunchuck Set

Single Point Nunchuck Set

Arizona Candle Stick XL

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Do you own a Smash Room or Rage Room?  Are you sick of supplying the usual “Tools” to your customer?  Do you want something that not only looks badass, but destroys everything?  Then look no further.  I present to you, the AZ Candlestick XL.  This beast of a Smash Room tool measures in at 21” overall, has a 2” diameter head measuring 6” long, and includes 15 steel bolts threaded into the head for maximum Smashocity…. Is that a word?...  it is now!


- Single piece machined aluminum construction

- Black anodized finish

- Head Size: 6” long by 2” dia with grooves and channels machined in

- Head Features: 15 Tapped holes (½-13”) for the included steel screws

- Smooth handle comes wrapped in Baseball Bat wrap

- Integrated pommel on the handle so you’re not “That Guy” who lets it fly by accident

- Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By

- Smash room/Rage room Participants

- People who believe there’s more to life than “Normal” stuff

- Truck drivers…. Worlds most expensive tire thumper



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What's Included

1 ea. Custom Machined Arizona Candle Stick XL

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