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Muffler Bearing

Arizona Candle Stick

NOTE: Spikes can be added to your order for an additional charge. Please allow up to an additional 5 business days for processing if spikes are added.

See details below for information on purchasing your own spikes.

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You ever go exploring in caves all by yourself and wish you had a bad-ass torch in hand?  Well, let me tell you, this is about as close as we’re going to get to making that wish come true.  The Arizona Candle Stick is a one-piece machined candle stick for the bad-ass explorer in all of us.

- Single piece, machined aluminum construction

- Rough anodized finish in black, intended to look abused. Also perfect for having Cerakote(Painted) any color you want.

- Head concavity fits a standard “Tea Light” candle (1.59” ID)

- Deep Groove Offset Chevron grip for maximum holding power

- Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By:

- Ninjas and Ninja Assassins

- Counter Ninja Assassins

- Really Awesome Mall Cops (aka Mall Ninjas)

- People who believe this is better than a damn flashlight

- Archaeologists Named Indiana & mysterious men called Col. Mustard



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    • Not for sale outside of the 50 continental United States.

  • All products are intended to be visual pieces of interest, such as “Movie Props”.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment with this product.


We recommend you purchase your own spikes.

Amazon sells them as Motorcycle Windshield Screws. 

Thread Size should be M5 x at least 15mm.  You need them in a Well-nut (The little rubber thing and washer). The Arizona Candle Stick accepts 15 spikes.

We add an an upcharge, so buying them yourself is definitely cheaper.

Click here to see an example of the spikes we sell.

What's Included

1 ea. Custom Machined Arizona Candle Stick with Rough Anodized Finish


Additional Options (must be selected in the dropdown):

15 ea. Aluminum Anodized Spikes in Well-nuts (+$45)

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