Mr. Wall Mount

Mr. Wall Mount

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Arizona Xmas Tree

*Mr. Wall Mount not included.


*We highly recommend decorating your own Xmas Tree, but spikes can be added to your order for an additional charge. Please allow an additional 5-10 business days for processing if spikes are added.

See details below for information on purchasing your own spikes.

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Are you afraid of the Jolly Fat Man unlawfully entering your domicile while you sleep on Dec 24?  We are too!  With the Arizona Xmas Tree, you can sleep soundly knowing this baby is close at hand.

Our team made up of CAD and CNC Wizards has produced the coolest and most badass Xmas tree ever!  Utilizing the same Handle, Pommel and Sleeve as the Mourning Glory, we’ve attached a CNC machined and green anodized Xmas tree that carries up to 19 spikes.

This is also the ultimate back scratcher... just sayin’.

- Green anodized tree and red handle, Black Pommel and Sleeve

- Includes one gold spike which can be used to top the tree. More spikes may be added for an additional cost*

- Measures 14.5” (Without spikes)

- World’s best back scratcher

- Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By:

- Those afraid of the Jolly Fat Man

- Ninjas and Ninja Assassins

- Counter Ninja Assassins

- Really Awesome Mall Cops (aka Mall Ninjas)


*We recommend you decorate your own Xmas Tree by purchasing your own spikes.

Amazon sells them as Motorcycle Windshield Screws.

Thread Size should be M5 x at least 15mm.  You need them in a Well-nut (The little rubber thing and washer). The Arizona XMAS Tree accepts 19 spikes.

We add an an upcharge, so buying them yourself is definitely cheaper.

Click here to see an example of the spikes we sell.



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What's Included

1 ea. Custom Machined Arizona Xmas Tree

1 ea. Gold Aluminum Anodized Spike in a Well-nut (y'know, so you have a little tree topper)


Additional Options (must be selected in the dropdown):

18 ea. Aluminum Anodized Spikes in Well-nuts (+$57)

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