April 2011

  1. Apex Armorer Block - First Appearance

    This weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, we're showing off the new Apex M&P Armorer Block. Randy was drilling out the hole in the block of Nylon he's been using for a bench block when the idea hit me to make custom Armorer Blocks specific to the M&P. With the use of a friend's Optical Comparator and some...
  2. New J-Frame Kit - Press Release

    Our official announcement of the Apex J-Frame Duty/Carry Kit.
  3. Operation Specific Training - Personal M&P Armorer's Course with Apex Tactical

    Apex Tactical's new M&P Forward Set Sear and Trigger will be released on May 16, 2011. Here's your chance to get one the weekend before they're released to the world.

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