PEORIA, Ariz. – Apex Tactical Specialties is pleased to announce that its hugely popular Forward Set Trigger Kits for the M&P M2.0 polymer framed pistols have been updated to be fully compatible with the .45ACP and new 10mm models.

Offered in a variety of colors, as well as with a polymer or aluminum flat-faced trigger body, or a curved aluminum trigger, these updated kits deliver the same game-changing performance that has made Apex the top-selling aftermarket trigger upgrade for the M&P 2.0. When installed the kits will reduce trigger pull weight by approximately 2.0 lbs., reduce overall trigger travel by approximately 40% and provide a smooth uptake with an unparalleled crisp trigger break.

The upgraded kits include the following:
Polymer Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit for M&P M2.0
Aluminum Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit for M&P M2.0
Curved Forward Set Trigger Kit for M&P M2.0

The full kit features an Apex designed polymer or aluminum trigger body, with center mounted pivoting safety, that has been updated to function properly in the full range of calibers offered in the polymer framed M2.0 models, including the new 10mm.

Each kit also includes an Apex Ultimate Striker Block Kit, an Apex Forward Set Sear Actuator, Apex Fully Machined 2-Dot Sear and the Apex Forward Set Spring Kit which includes Duty/Carry Sear and Trigger Return Springs and Heavy Weight Sear and Trigger Return Springs.

Like all Apex trigger upgrades, the newly updated Forward Set Trigger Kits for the M&P M2.0 have passed Apex's extensive battery of drop-tests conducted in 27 different impact orientations from six (6) feet onto concrete.

The updated Forward Set Trigger Kits are available now from The new kit will also be available through a number of Apex’s stocking dealers and distributors.

Retailers and wholesale distributors that have not yet ordered and wish to stock the new 10mm compatible trigger kits can contact Apex at [email protected] or (623) 322-0200 for pricing and quantity availability.

Features and Specifications:
– Updated for use in the new 10mm, as well as the 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP models
– Not for use in the new metal frame M&P M2.0 models
– Reduces trigger pull weight approximately 2.0 lbs
– Reduces overall trigger travel approximately 40%
– Reduces trigger pre-travel, over-travel and reset
– Provides smooth uptake and reset
– Delivers crisp trigger break
– Maintains factory safety values
Easy to install
– MSRP: $110.00 to $195.00

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