Apex Competition Striker Spring Installation

A week ago we released the Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit (Comp-AEK). ¬†We made the installation walk through today and it’s ready for the world.

Comp Striker Spring Installation

Since the rest of the springs have already been covered, we saw no point in wasting your time with the full instructions, so this video covers the installation of the Apex Competition Striker Spring only.

scott / June 25, 2010 / Random Apex


  1. Donovan Horner - July 4, 2010 @ 9:17 am

    I was just curious, the competition striker spring kit shows that it is for the s&w m&p, does this also work on the pro model 9mm? What would you recommend, thanks.

  2. Dave Weig - October 24, 2013 @ 5:11 pm

    I have an M&P 45 full size- I just ordered this spring– I have the AEK kit installed- which came with the sear, the sear spring, the trigger return spring, the striker safety plunger and spring. I did not receive a striker spring with that kit.
    I just ordered the competition striker spring (pn 1879 form Speed shooter specialities)- and watched the video on installation.
    1. The video states that the competition spring is LONGER than the stock– my Apex striker spring is shorter.
    2. Trigger pull is slightly better with the factory striker spring(?)…I have an older trigger pull guage- not electronic- I get a ~5 lb pull with the factory- ~5.5 with the new striker spring… something doesn’t add up. Can you help me? is this the incorrect spring?
    Thank you,

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