Recently we all had a little scare here at Apex.  Thankfully all turned out good, but I felt it was important to write about a topic a lot of people aren’t comfortable discussing: COLON CANCER and EARLY DETECTION SCREENING.

It was about a month or so before the International Revolver Championship match I noticed I wasn’t feeling right.  Monday following the event I called my doctor due to signs/symptoms progressing – I just thought it was stress from working too much.  After discussing my situation and given the significant family history of colon cancer, I was immediately schedule for a colonoscopy.  It seemed there was a high probability according to stats that say ‘it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN’ I would develop Colon CA.  I’m thinking I’m ONLY 41 years old and here is reality in my face.

I work with two really great, wonderful guys; and given that they both have a devastating sense of humor - I knew I would end up being the “Butt” of Randy & Scott’s jokes.  Humor and laughter is therapeutic and they are the ones with the PhD’s in this field.  Comments such as “Oh Lisa, don’t be so full of sh**”, and “life is just squirting by”, with “you’ll enjoy studying Mars and Uranus”…and my personal favorite, “if you feel flushed for over 4 hours, consult a plumber immediately”.  People do what’s necessary to get themselves through certain stressful times in life.  To me this was one of them, and they helped me keep my sense of humor and realistic view.

All the comedy paled in comparison to the actual name of the solution I had to take the night before the colonoscopy.  It’s called Movi-Prep…NO popcorn included!  I guess I didn’t have it so bad, others told me of another solution called “Go Lightly”…are you kidding me?  Who in the world makes this stuff up?!

I decided to approach my circumstance same way some competitors might with any major shooting match:

  • Registration (Schedule Dr. appt)
  • Shooter’s meeting (Consult before the procedure)
  • Review the stage design and prepare equipment (no details necessary as you get the bottom line, sorry bad pun)
  • Game time (know exactly which direction the barrel is pointed)
  • 1hr arbitration (some enjoy an ‘adult beverage’ & food after the completing their match - I was drunk on anesthesia, STARVING and had a designated driver)
  • Results posted
  • Plan to attend this match again

I’m disclosing this info because if I can get one individual to read this and go in for an early screening it’s worth it to me.  The entire process was not as bad I thought it would be – including the taste of the solution (just wish they’d change the stupid name).

Forget the embarrassment, time inconvenience or the thought of “I’m too young for this”.  Colon cancer is very treatable when detected early; this can increase your quality of life….which means to me LOTS MORE time on the range!

I had no penalties, no no-shoots, or DQ.  The results showed I won.  I’m scheduled to attend this “match” every 5 yrs for rest of my life…and I plan to win every time.  If at some point I don’t, at least I have a better chance to do something about it.