9” Nunchuck Set

9” Nunchuck Set

Spike Flail - Red-BLK-Red

Spike Flail - Red-BLK-Red

Custom Spike Flail

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Please read and follow the instructions BEFORE purchasing.

Custom Spike Flails brought to you by the Arizona Nunchuck Company.  You pick the colors and we build the Flail.



Copy and Paste the following to the comment Section at Checkout and type in your color selections based on the color options listed below.

Handle Color:

Chain Color:

Spike Color(s):


Color Options:

Handles: Red, Purple or Gold  (Black and Blue handles are sold out)

Chain Color: Black or Chrome

Spike Color(s): Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Gold and Gray *

*Choose any combination of colors. The spike balls take a total of 21 spikes, so you're getting 21 spikes no matter what color(s) you pick. So choose wisely.

Notes On Colors: Colors are limited to availability on hand. If you choose a color that is not available, we will contact you for an alternative selection.


What You Get:

One BADASS Spike Flail that is custom made right here in Arizona. Oh, you want technical details? Why didn't you just say so in the first place?

Handle: Fully custom machined aluminum handle machined from a billet of aluminum.

Swivel System: Custom designed and manufactured in our facility, this system features an ultra robust chain stud that swivels on a ball bearing and is housed in our machined cap. We pinned the cap in place with heavy duty coil roll pins. So, you know, these babies are gonna last.

Chain: 12" of 1/8 Proof Coil Chain in the color of your choice.

Spike Ball: This is the funnest piece we've manufactured yet. I mean look at these balls, they’re 2.75" of solid aluminum machined…to take spikes. What’s cooler than that? Spoiler Alert! Nothing.  (Black Anodized only)

Spikes: Aluminum spikes are set into rubber wellnuts that absorb shock so you're not breaking spikes off all the time. They come in multiple colors and look pretty sweet.

Pommel: Bolted on to the end of the handle, this machined aluminum component prevents you from losing your grip on the handle while you demonstrate the awesomeness of your new Spike Flail. Assuming of course you don’t have some weak-ass grip (looking at you, Randy).

All aluminum components are anodized for durability…and that’s how they get their color. Duh!


Some assembly required:

You will need a 3/32" hex wrench to attach the spike to the chain, and you need to install the spikes into the ball. Not a big deal but we thought you should know before ordering.



Due to the massive demand for all of our products, it may take us up to 5 business days to build and ship your Flail.



(You need to read these!)

– You are responsible for obeying all Federal, State and local laws for the purchase, transfer, possession, use, etc. of this products.

– Not for sale outside of the United States.

– All products are intended to be visual pieces of interest, such as “Movie Props”.

– Use appropriate protective equipment with this product.

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