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We know you're curious so we'll let others tell you about us.
"As the photo shows I gave Randy a stock S&W 627 and requested that he build me an OPEN revolver. This revolver is now everything that I asked for and more; it is accurate and has a smooth trigger action. When shooting major loads the compensator and porting work very well. After I received the 627, I sent him another revolver (625) to have several things done; hammer bobbed, cylinder replacement and trigger job. It shoots well and has become my second favorite revolver (behind the 627 of course). I would recommend Randy to anyone that wants quality work performed on his or her guns. If you would like to have any additional information from me about Randy's workmanship or responsiveness, you can contact me at mj.tapp@verizon.net"

- Mark Tapp ( ICORE Competitor )
"Randy has built two race guns and a Limited Class pistol for me. I havennbeen completely satisfied with his work and the performance of allnnthree guns. I highly recommend him."

- Thurman Mullen ( Parole Agent, 3-Gun & USPSA Competitor )
"WOW! ...and it goes bang - everytime."

- Craig Buckland (Smith & Wesson Shooting Team)
"Randy Lee has been building some of the finest Custom handguns and rifles on the West Coast for the past ten years. He has personally built two custom pistols for me. The first was a full race .38 Super which he constructed from the ground up. After many thousands of rounds it never jams and functions flawlessly. Randy has built a custom carry .45 ACP for me as well that I trust completely. He has also performed some fine revolver and AR-15 work for me. We are lucky to have such a professional gunsmith who also keeps his word here in California."

- Dave Ramsay, L-2199, 2000 Golden Bullet Match Director ( 3-Gun,USPSA & ICORE Competitor)