1911 Barrel Fitting Jig

1911 Barrel Fitting Jig

1911 Ejector Pin Fixture

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This is an ideal addition to the workbench or armorer's toolbox for anyone building or servicing the 1911/2011 pistol. The Apex Ejector Pin Fixture is designed to securely hold the ejector to the frame of any 1911 or 2011. This ensures that the proper relationship of the Ejector/Frame/Ejector Pin hole are maintained while fitting a new ejector. The Apex Ejector Pin Fixture is machined from a billet of steel and Melonite finished for enhanced durability. Brass tipped set screws position the ejector without marring ejector or frame.


For Use In These Guns

Works with most 1911 and 2011 frames.

What's Included

1 ea. Ejector Pin Fixture Body

3 ea. 6x32 Brass Tipped Set Screws

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