Hammer Kit for Smith & Wesson® Revolvers - K/L Frame

Evolution IV Revolver Hammer Kit

Mass Driver Hammer Kit for S&W K/L-Frame Revolvers

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Originally designed to improve ignition of 22 Rimfire ammunition, the Apex Mass Driver Hammer is now for use in a variety of rimfire and centerfire Smith & Wesson revolvers. The design increases the mass behind the hammer's impact surface, allowing for a lighter double-action trigger pull than can be achieved with the factory's stock hammer. The Apex Mass Driver Hammer, with sear, stirrup, and spring, replaces Smith & Wesson factory MIM components to ensure consistent performance in both rimfire and centerfire revolvers. When properly installed, this hammer kit will:


- Improve ignition of 22 Rimfire as well as Centerfire ammunition

- Allow for reduced hammer fall weight and trigger pull weight

- Maintain the Single-Action feature




For Use In These Guns

Works in current production Smith & Wesson Models: 10, 17, 19, 48, 66, 617 (-4 and later), 648.

Also works in current production L-Frame Models: 586, 686, 986.

Does Not Fit These Guns

No recommended for use in the 44 Magnum Model 69.

Not for use in N-Frame model revolvers.

What's Included

1 ea. Apex Mass Driver Hammer

1 ea. Apex Fully Machined Revolver Sear (pre-installed)

1 ea. Apex Sear Spring (pre-installed)

1 ea. Stirrup and Pins (pre-installed)

1 ea. Duty/Carry Rebound Slide Spring (Green)

1 ea. Competition Rebound Slide Spring (Silver)


Models K/L Frame

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