Action Enhancement Kit for CZ 75 B (decocker models only)

Action Enhancement Kit for CZ 75 B (decocker models only)

Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit for CZ Shadow Series Pistols

Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit for CZ Shadow Series Pistols

Action Enhancement Kit for CZ P-10

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The Action Enhancement Kit for CZ P-10 pistols features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger paired with an Apex Performance Disconnector and an Apex Slide Cover Plate. The kit offers two trigger pull options depending on which disconnector is installed.

When using the Apex Performance Disconnector, Trigger, and Slide Cover Plate, the kit provides a light, smooth take-up and linear, rolling trigger break at the striker release, reduced overtravel, and a trigger pull weight of approximately sub-4lbs.

Using the CZ factory disconnector with the Apex Trigger and Slide Cover Plate will provide a more defined trigger break at the striker release and a trigger pull weight of approximately 5.5lbs.


NOTE: The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger REQUIRES the use of the Apex Slide Cover Plate.


- Reduces trigger pull to approximately sub-4.0lbs (using full Apex Enhancement Kit)

- Maintains factory trigger pull weight of approximately 5.5lbs (using factory disconnector, Apex Trigger, and Slide Cover Plate)

- Easy to install

- Direct drop-in replacement of factory components

- Maintains factory safety values

For Use In These Guns

For use in the CZ P-10 S, C, and F 9mm models only.

This kit has been confirmed compatible with the CZ factory #18 trigger bar and later iterations. This kit is not compatible with the earlier trigger bar iterations of #16 and #17. Please contact CZ to order a replacement trigger bar.

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not compatible with the CZ P-10 in .45ACP or the CZ P-10 Micro


From the Designers:

Thank you for your interest in our Action Enhancement Kit for the CZ P-10 family of pistols.

Our kit, if you install all the included components, will yield a smooth rolling trigger break (similar to a Glock) but WELL under 4 lbs. with reduced over travel. Because it uses no aftermarket springs, ignition is not compromised.

Our design was geared toward competition pistol events and for those who have reduced hand strength, or anyone who feels the stock pull weight (and trigger body) might affect their performance with the pistol.

Our flat faced Aluminum trigger provides a more comfortable positioning of the trigger finger for most users with less chance of abrasion from the lower portion of the trigger guard. The flat trigger also allows you to take advantage of better leverage over a pivoting trigger system. This is why installers will likely record lower trigger pull measurements than what we report.

If you use the factory disconnector instead of ours, the pull weight and trigger break characteristics will remain relatively unchanged when compared to the factory configuration. In this configuration, the benefit of our trigger design will become apparent – especially in extended shooting sessions.

Regardless of which disconnector you install, you must use our slide cover plate in conjunction with our trigger.

As part of the design team that brought this product to life, I hope that this kit meets or exceeds your expectations.



Randy Lee

What's Included

1 ea. Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for CZ P-10

1 ea. Apex Performance Disconnector

1 ea. Apex Slide Cover Plate

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