Failure Resistant Extractor for Hellcat

Failure Resistant Extractor for Hellcat

Action Enhancement Trigger for Hellcat

For the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro

CA model Hellcats: See Installation Resources below

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The Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro pistols is the easiest, quickest upgrade you can do to the trigger system that significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull, without reducing factory safety values. When properly installed, this drop-in trigger will:


  – Reduce trigger pull weight to 5.0 to 5.5 lbs after break-in period

  – Smooth uptake and reset

  – Reduce trigger overall travel and reset distance

  – Deliver a crisp trigger break

  – Directly replaces factory components without additional fitting

  – Maintains factory safety values


Type 3 Trigger Differences

The Type 3 Trigger for the Hellcat features a visually distinct design that sets it apart while maintaining the same excellent performance as our classic Hellcat trigger. Features of the Type 3 triggers include:

  • Chamfers at the front corners (classic trigger has a radius on the front corners)
  • Additional decorative face cuts on the visible sides of the trigger
  • Same performance as the classic line, just a different look

For Use In These Guns

For use in all current Springfield Armory Hellcat pistols, including (but not limited to) the Hellcat RDP and Hellcat Pro.

Yes, this now works in the Hellcat Pro.

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not for use in any other model pistol from Springfield Armory.

Not tested in the H11 model pistols (European Models).

What's Included

1 ea. Action Enhancement Trigger

1 ea. Sear Spring

1 ea. Striker Spring

Installation Resources

If you’re installing our trigger kit into a CA compliant Hellcat, assembly of your Hellcat will be slightly different than our install video demonstrates.

The Magazine Blocking Lever (Green Arrow) needs to be placed under the tab on the Magazine Disconnect (Red Arrow). The proper orientation of the parts is shown by the Blue Arrow.


CA Model Hellcat - Illustration 1 CA Model Hellcat - Illustration 2

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