Duty/Carry Spring Kit for J-Frame Revolvers

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Hands down, this is one of Apex’s most popular performance upgrades kits. Designed specifically for use in the Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers, this kit will:


-Reduce trigger pull weight by approximately 3 lbs. 
-Maintain factory safety values
-Direct drop-in replacement parts


For Use In These Guns

For use in all modern centerfire J-Frame revolvers manufactured by Smith & Wesson and featuring the removable frame mounted firing pin.

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not for use in the Bodyguard .38 revolver.

What's Included

1 ea. Duty/Carry Rebound Slide Spring (Green)

1 ea. Main Spring

1 ea. Revolver Firing Pin

1 ea. Reduced Power Firing Pin Return Spring


Models J Frame

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