Super Clamp for Steiner MPS Optic

Super Clamp for Steiner MPS Optic

Optic Mount for S&W M&P C.O.R.E. to ACRO/MPS* Optics


*We highly recommend using the Apex Super Clamp to expand the clamping range of your MPS optic

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The Apex Optic Mount is designed to securely mount the Acro, MPS, or PB-3 to the M&P (Classic) or M2.0 CORE slides. The Apex Optic Mount is machined from a billet of steel and black oxide finished for enhanced durability and is manufactured by Apex in the Free State of Arizona.


These optic plates include a maintenance window to allow the end user to remove and reinstall the factory extractor pin without having to remove the Optic Mount.


- Specifically for use with slides featuring the S&W C.O.R.E. cuts

- Securely mount the following optics to the CORE Slides:

  • Optics compatible with this mount:
    • Aimpoint® Acro™ P-1 & P-2
    • Steiner MPS
    • Lead & Steel Pandora PB-3

- Mounting screws included

- We recommend the slide be cleaned before the mount is installed and the screws be torqued to 15 in-lb

For Use In These Guns

Part #100-124 Classic C.O.R.E.: Fits original M&P slides that have the Classic CORE optic cut geometry from the factory

Part #100-109 M2.0 C.O.R.E.: Fits M2.0 slides that have the M2.0 CORE optic cut geometry from the factory

What's Included

1 ea. Apex Optic Mount - for ACRO, MPS, or PB-3 to M&P (Classic) or M2.0 C.O.R.E.™ Slides

1 ea. Optic Mount Screw Set with Thread Locker Pre-applied

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