Starting the Recall Process

Customers who have an Apex trigger kit which is included in this recall have the following options for replacement.

US Based Customers:

Apex will send you a USPS Self Addressed (Postage Paid) mailer to return the affected kit.

  1. Replacement with a new kit: Replacement of the complete kit after the original kit is returned to us and we have new parts on hand.


International Customers:

                Our international Customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer/importer and request they contact their US based exporter they purchased from to work out full details with our Dealer Sales Manager.

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Note: Please do not ship any affected product to Apex Tactical Specialties until an RMA and shipping label has been generated by Apex and sent to you. In the interim, Apex asks that customers remove the Apex kit and return their pistol to the factory configuration.


In order to facilitate this recall in the most efficient method possible, Apex is asking customers who have a product involved in this Recall, to register an account on the Apex web site and begin the RMA Request Process online.  This will assure customer transparency and ease of transaction for everybody.

Online Method

  1. Login to your Apex account.
    1. If you do not have an Apex Account, click here to create one.
    2. Make sure to input your mailing address and phone number in the account.
  2. Go to the “Your Account” Page.
    1. In the top right corner, click your name under the Silhouette icon.
  3. Click “My Returns”.
    1. Left Menu near the bottom of the list.
  4. Click “Request New Return”.
    1. Right side of the page near the top.
  5. Click “Select Offline Order”.
    1. Right side of the page, near the top.
  6. Fill in the Offline Order as follows: 
    1. Order or Receipt #: “Place you purchased from”
      1. If you don’t recall, “Online” or “Retailer” is sufficient.
    2. Returned Item: SKU you’re returning per this recall.
      1. Black Anodized Trigger Kit: 102-117
      2. Red Anodized Trigger Kit: 102-157
    3. Quantity to Return: # of how many you’re returning under this recall
    4. Reason: Product Recall
    5. Condition: Pick one
      1. Your choice will not affect your Recall status.
    6. Resolution: Choose “Recall Replacement” or “Store Credit”
      1. Recall Replacement: Choose this if you want a replacement trigger kit sent to you as soon as they’re available.  We expect to have new kits within 6-8 weeks.
      2. Store Credit: Choose this if you want a Store Credit for use at Store credit will be issued in the amount of $124.95 or $129.95 depending on which kit is returned.
      3. Please do not choose any other options, if you do so, our Customer Service staff will need to call you to identify your preferred resolution.
    7.  Additional Information: Any specific details you wish to send our way may be placed here.
    8. Please do no attach any files or images to your RMA request
    9. Click “Submit Request” – Our Customer Service staff will be in touch with further details and information.
  1. Once your RMA is successfully created, you will receive an RMA number and an email with additional information. Initially, your status at submission will show as “Pending Approval” As our Customer Service Staff go through the incoming requests, your status will be updated, and you will receive an email at each status change.



Email Method:

Customers who prefer to email us about this recall may do so by using our Contact Us page on the Apex Site.


Phone Method:

Customers who prefer to call and speak to our Customer Service staff about this recall may do so by calling 623-322-0200.  Be advised that we have limited Customer Service Staff available to take calls, please leave a voicemail with your name and phone number and mention that you’re calling about the recall.  Our Customer Service staff will return calls as quickly as possible.


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