Magwell Cut Grips by LOK Grips for Springfield SA-35 Equipped with an Apex Low-Profile Magwell

Magwell Cut Grips by LOK Grips for Springfield SA-35 Equipped with an Apex Low-Profile Magwell

Extractor Kit for Springfield SA-35 and Browning Hi-Power

Extractor Kit for Springfield SA-35 and Browning Hi-Power

Action Enhancement Trigger Kit for Springfield SA-35

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What It Does:

  • Inspired by the work of the late Jim Garthwaite and machined from billet steel, the Apex Wide Flat Trigger improves leverage on pivoting trigger systems by allowing the finger to be placed lower on the trigger face. The .31” wide trigger face allows for precise finger placement, increased comfort and more positive shooting experience when compared to the original Browning Hi-Power™ trigger design. The trigger is ArmorLube™ Duplex DLC finished. This matte black finish is unlike any other DLC coating on the market in terms of corrosion, abrasion, and wear resistance.
  • The Apex Hi Tilt Spur Hammer is inspired by another Pistolsmithing great, Jim Boland. His hammer design was most notable on his custom 1911 race pistols, where the Hi Tilt Spur was intended to eliminate the necessity for the clearance pocket traditionally cut into Beavertail Grip Safeties. The clearance pocket is necessary for pistols sporting Commander style ring hammers. Mr. Boland’s ingenious design allowed his customers to experience the absolute highest grip on the pistol. The Apex Hi Tilt Hammer integrates both an over-cocking limit pad and spur angle which prevents hammer bite. The hammer hook geometry is uniquely matched to our Mk 1 Balanced Sear.
  • The Mk 1 Balanced Sear’s nose geometry is engineered to precisely match our hammer hook profile. This eliminates the need to stone or alter engagement surfaces and will yield a clean, crisp trigger break when using our Hammer.
  • The Balanced Sear Lever (with our Sear Lever Spring) is an essential component of the Action Enhancement Kit. Because the Sear Lever of the original Browning design can experience inertia related rotation as the slide goes into battery, Newtonian physics has placed a limitation on how light and crisp of a pull could be achieved with the Browning design until now. By balancing the Sear Lever, then biasing it away from the Sear’s contact pad (via the Sear Lever Spring), Hammer Follow at pull weights below 4 pounds is virtually eliminated.
  • A Trigger Pin Removal Punch is included with each kit to eliminate potential damage to the frame when removing the factory trigger (Please watch our installation video and/or read our Action Enhancement Trigger Kit for the Springfield SA-35 digital Installation instructions before attempting to install this kit).
  • Spare Firing Pin Spring and Hammer Spring are included in the kit. These are identical to the Springfield Armory SA-35 factory springs.


Expected Results:

  • Cleaner, crisp breaking trigger pull with reduced over travel.
  • 0.31” wide, smooth, flat faced trigger with rounded edges.
  • Enhanced leverage hammer for easier cocking and no hammer bite.
  • Direct drop-in replacement kit, easy to install.
  • Minor fitting to the thumb safety and trigger body may be required.
  • Zero Trigger Over-run.**

** Trigger Over-run:  Additional Trigger travel after the slide begins to move rearward creating additional Over-travel and necessity for a longer reset.

For Use In These Guns

All models of the Springfield Armory® SA-35™ and Type 1 Browning Hi-Power*

* Mk 1/Mk 2 sear lever does not have a firing pin block safety feature.

Does Not Fit These Guns

 - This kit is not compatible with the Mk 3 Browning Hi-Power

 - Girsan Hi-Power Variants

 - FN America High Power™

What's Included

1 ea. piece in the package

  • Apex Flat Trigger
  • Apex Hi Tilt Spur Hammer
  • Mk 1 Balanced Sear
  • Balanced Sear Lever
  • Sear Lever Spring
  • Trigger Pin Removal Punch
  • SA-35 Spare Hammer Spring
  • SA-35 Spare Firing Pin Spring

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