Curved black anodized aluminum trigger, five springs, two small steel parts, a yellow slave pin, and Apex sight tool

Curved Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit for M&P

Apex Grade Thread Protector

Apex Grade Thread Protector

Failure Resistant Extractor for M&P

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The Apex Failure Resistant Extractor is designed to ensure consistent and reliable extraction under the most adverse conditions. Machined from a billet of heat-treated stainless steel, the critical engagement surface features Apex’s custom extractor hook geometry that is machined by wire EDM. When installed, the extractor will:


– Improve reliability

– Deliver consistent extraction

For Use In These Guns

Part# 100-068 works with all current production Smith and Wesson M&P Full Size, Compact, Long Slide and Pro Models, with or without thumb safeties and magazine disconnects, including the M&P 45.

Part# 100-168 works with current production 9, 40, and 45 caliber models of the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 polymer frame models, with or without thumb safeties and magazine disconnects.

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not certified for use in the M2.0 Metal Series models.

Not for use in M&P Shield models.

Not certified for use in the 10mm models.

What's Included

1 ea. Failure Resistant Extractor

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