Disassembly Fixture for FN 509/FNS-C - Battleworn Edition

Disassembly Fixture for FN 509/FNS-C - Battleworn Edition

Disassembly Punch - 3/32"

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This Disassembly Punch is a spring powered pin punch that is modified by Apex to have a flat tip. Expected results with this punch include:

  • Simplified removal of the Front Locking Block Pin on all variants of hte FN 509, FN 510, and FN 545 pistols
    • We strongly recommend the use of the Apex Disassembly Fixture appropriate for your pistol, if available.
  • When properly aligned to the Front Locking Block Pin on your FN pistol, this punch applies force directly to the pin face with enough energy to pop the pin free with just a few hits.


How to Use

    2. Follow the factory recommendations to unload and field strip the pistol.
    3. Remove the Take Down Lever from the frame.
    4. Place the frame into the correct Apex Disassembly Fixture.
    5. Place the Fixture on a solid surface, like over the leg of a work bench. If a solid work bench is not available, a concrete floor is a great option.
    6. Once aligned properly and all checks have been completed, place the tip of the drive pin into the correct hole in the top of the Fixture, lower it down until the pin is touching the Front Locking Block Pin.
    7. With one hand, hold the anvil rings with a firm grip to steady the drive pin and hold the anvil in place.
    8. Using the other hand, grasp the hammer rings and stretch the spring parallel to the drive pin. The stretch should be approximately 2”.
    9. Release the hammer. Releasing the hammer will cause the spring to pull the hammer down onto the anvil, the energy transfer to the pin will send a shockwave through the pin to help free it.
    10. Check pin and fixture alignment after each strike.
      • This may take several impacts to drive the pin free of the locking block.

What's Included

1 ea. Disassembly Punch - 3/32"

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