Extended Control Set for Hellcat and Pro

Extended Control Set for Hellcat and Pro

Apex Slide for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro

Apex Slide for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro

Performance Spring Set for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro

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What It Does:
Installing this pair of springs into your stock Hellcat will produce a trigger pull weight between 4.75 and
5.5lbs. This set of springs have been balanced to one another providing a lighter trigger pull while
maintaining absolute reliability.

Other useful information:
The Sear Spring contains a felt core, this piece of material is used a vibration attenuator which extends the
life of the sear spring drastically. We recommend adding a drop of oil to the felt core every 3-5000 rounds,
the oil further dampens the shockwave that flows through the spring under live fire and aids in spring

Expected Results:
1) Direct drop-in replacement of factory components.
2) 100% made in the US with the highest-grade materials.

For Use In These Guns

All models of the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol (Including the Hellcat Pro)
o Not tested in the H11 model pistols (European Models)

Does Not Fit These Guns

Any pistol that is NOT a Hellcat or Hellcat PRO

What's Included

1 ea. (2 Pieces in the package)
A) Apex Striker Spring for Hellcat & Pro
B) Apex Sear Spring for Hellcat & Pro

These are the same springs we include in our Action Enhancement Trigger Kits.

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