Extended Control Set for Hellcat and Pro

Extended Control Set for Hellcat and Pro

Performance Spring Set for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro

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What It Does:
Installing this pair of springs into your stock Hellcat will produce a trigger pull weight between 4.75 and
5.5lbs. This set of springs have been balanced to one another providing a lighter trigger pull while
maintaining absolute reliability.

Other useful information:
The Sear Spring contains a felt core, this piece of material is used a vibration attenuator which extends the
life of the sear spring drastically. We recommend adding a drop of oil to the felt core every 3-5000 rounds,
the oil further dampens the shockwave that flows through the spring under live fire and aids in spring

Expected Results:
1) Direct drop-in replacement of factory components.
2) 100% made in the US with the highest-grade materials.

For Use In These Guns

  • All models of the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol (Including the Hellcat Pro)
    o Not tested in the H11 model pistols (European Models)

Does Not Fit These Guns

Any pistol that is NOT a Hellcat or Hellcat PRO

What's Included

1 ea. (2 Pieces in the package)
A) Apex Striker Spring for Hellcat & Pro
B) Apex Sear Spring for Hellcat & Pro

These are the same springs we include in our Action Enhancement Trigger Kits.

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