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Single Point Nunchuck Set

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The Single Point Nunchuck set provides you with the simplest and most durable Nunchuck on planet Earth.  No frills, no extra stuff, just a pair of aluminum handles connected with a length of chain.


- Aluminum machined handle – Anodized with 4 color options

- Assembled using Heavy Duty Coil Spring Pins

- 6 Chain Links – Black Nitride finished (approx. 6” long)

- ½-13 Threaded accessory attachment hole on the base of each handle (accessories sold separately)

- Assembled and ready for action

- Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By

- Ninjas, Ninja Assassins, Counter Ninja Assassins

- Really Awesome Mall Cops (aka Mall Ninjas)

- Dudes Named Chuck


Fun with Math

If you’re wondering how durable the mounting system of our Nunchucks are, here’s a bit of math for you.

1 SP Handle, 1 pin and 6 lengths of chain
Mass: 9.82oz
Radius: 14.5"
Chain Rated Load: 400 LB
RPM required to exceed chain rating: 1260 RPM
Safety factor of chain: 3x(1200 LB)
Chain break if pushed to Safety factor: 2180 RPM
Double Shear Pin Rating: 9.6kN (2158 LB)



(You need to read these!)

– You are responsible for obeying all Federal, State and local laws for the purchase, transfer, possession, use, etc. of this product.

    Not for sale to Massachusetts.

    Not for sale outside of the 50 continental United States.

– All products are intended to be visual pieces of interest, such as “Movie Props”.

– Use appropriate protective equipment with this product.

What's Included

1 set of Single Point Nunchucks

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