Two springs and a yellow slave pin

Duty/Carry Spring Kit for M&P

Armorer’s Tray & Pin Punch

Armorer’s Tray & Pin Punch

Ultimate Striker Block

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We design our striker blocks for performance, and installing this small part can make for a significant improvement. The geometry and dimensions of our striker safety plunger differs from the factory’s so as to yield an exceptionally smooth uptake before the trigger bar engages the sear cam. That’s why you’ll find this component in nearly all our M&P and Shield kits. When installed properly, this drop-in kit will:


– Smooth trigger uptake

– Minimize drag on the trigger bar

– Tactile, detectable trigger reset

– Direct drop-in replacement parts, no fitting required



For Use In These Guns

Works with all current production Smith & Wesson M&P series pistols in 9mm, .357SIG, .40S&W and .45ACP, as well as the M&P M2.0 and the M&P Shield in 9mm/40S&W.

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not for use in the Shield 45.

Not certified for use in the M2.0 Metal Series models.

What's Included

1 ea. Ultimate Striker Block

1 ea. Striker Block Spring

1 ea. Apex Sight Tool

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