Extractor Kit for Springfield SA-35 and Browning Hi-Power

Extractor Kit for Springfield SA-35 and Browning Hi-Power

Trigger Pin Removal Punch for the SA-35 and BHP

Trigger Pin Removal Punch for the SA-35 and BHP

Wide Flat Trigger for SA-35 and BHP pistols

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What It Does: 


This trigger incorporates a true flat face profile that allows the shooter to take advantage of the pivoting trigger system by allowing the trigger finger to be placed lower on the trigger face for increased leverage. The wider than factory face width (0.31” vs. 0.25” factory width) distributes trigger pull forces over a larger surface area of the finger for a more comfortable shooting experience, especially over prolonged range sessions. The integrated over travel reduction pad eliminates trigger over-run that is common in the Browning design*. The super tuff Armorlube™ finish is extremely hard, corrosion resistant and will not show surface wear even after thousands of trigger manipulations.  



Expected Results: 

  • Direct replacement for the SA-35 and Browning Hi-Power Trigger. 
  • Reduced over-travel and prevention of Trigger over-run as the slide moves to the rear. 
  • Machined Steel and heat-treated product will last a lifetime. 
  • Easy to install. 
  • 100% Made in USA... By Apex. 


Additional Thoughts to consider: 

  1. We recommend the use of our Trigger Pin Removal Punch (PN 115-351)
  2. *Minor trimming of the over-travel pad may be necessary on some pistols due to tolerance variations on some slides and frames. 

For Use In These Guns

All models of the following pistols:*
Springfield Armory SA-35
Browning Hi-Power
Girsan MC P35 OPS Match

*Not tested in any other BHP Clone or Variant

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not tested in any pistol that is not listed in the "For use in These Guns" Sub-heading.

What's Included

1 ea. (Heat Treated and Armorlube DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Finish) 

  • Apex Wide Flat Trigger with integrated overtravel reduction pad 

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