Wide Flat Trigger for SA-35 and BHP pistols

Wide Flat Trigger for SA-35 and BHP pistols

Trigger Pin Removal Punch for the SA-35 and BHP

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What It Does: 

This Punch is designed to minimize the risk of damaging or denting the frame when removing and replacing the factory Trigger on your SA-35, BHP or Girsan MC P35 pistol. 



Expected Results: 

  • Trouble free removal of the Trigger Pin from the Frame. 
  • Machined Steel and heat-treated, product will last a lifetime. 
  • 100% Made in USA... By Apex.


Additional Thoughts to consider: 

  1. Browning Hi-Power design requires that the Trigger Pin be removed by drifting the pin starting from the right side and extracting it out the left side of the frame.
  2. For more details regarding removal of the Trigger Pin and reinstallation, please refer to our installation video:https://youtu.be/w-lzY2pi-1M 

For Use In These Guns

  • All models of the Springfield Armory SA-35, Browning Hi-Power and Girsan MC P35 Pistols 

Does Not Fit These Guns

Not tested in any pistol that is not listed in the "For use in These Guns" Sub-heading.

What's Included

1 ea. Heat Treated Pin Punch. 

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