The 20th anniversary of the IRC is coming up in a mere 7 months and we at Apex Tactical are dedicated to making this the best IRC ever. Lisa has taken the initiative and started a rigarous new training schedule and of coarse who could forget.....a brand new blaster.

Now I know you're all asking yourselves the same question I did...."Dear god why would she make the switch to Open Division?!" ......Or is it "Why the 500 Mag?".....Either way, the answer is 42.......OOps, wrong again, actually it's simply because she can.

She's pushing a 400gr. bullet at 31.25 fps producing the perfect 125 Power Factor load with enough bullet size to make those edger shots a no brainer for even the most blind RO. Watching her shoot Far & Near Standards doesn't seem like what we're used to seeing, it's more like a game of Ballistic Lawn Darts.....After seeing this, I felt the need for an adult beverage.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="260" caption="The Warp Core Breach"][/caption]

Once the IRC is over, she's gonna take up hunting. We've got a customer offering to take her Beer Truck Hunting....Hopefully she'll bag a few and share the wealth.

Randy wanted to play with it too.....