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  1. Apex Headed To Houston For 2022 NRA Show

    Apex Headed To Houston For 2022 NRA Show
    Apex is headed to Houston and inviting attendees of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, May 27 through May 29, to stop by booth #1137 for a hands-on look at its popular line of aftermarket trigger kits.
  2. Get Your Halloween On

    Get Your Halloween On
    Each year Apex's Desiree Luna puts together a list of must see Halloween and Horror themed movies to watch everyday through the month of October. In the past this list has been kept a closely guarded secret. Well, no more. For 2021 we are officially releasing Desi's '31 Days of Halloween' movie list. This year's list is filled with absolute...
  3. XDs Trigger Review: The Armory Life

    XDs Trigger Review: The Armory Life
    The Amory Life has posted a review of the new Apex Action Enhancement Trigger for the 9mm XDs Mod.2. Check it out.
  4. Apex Announces Optics Ready Custom LongSlide for FN 509, Opens Pre-Ordering

    Apex Announces Optics Ready Custom LongSlide for FN 509, Opens Pre-Ordering
    Apex Tactical Specialties is pleased to announce it has opened up pre-ordering for its new complete, ready-to-fire five inch optics ready upper assembly for the FN 509.
  5. Friends & Family Barrels

    Friends & Family Barrels
    We have a few barrels set aside for Friends & Family…and other associated riffraff. And now we’re making this limited supply of barrels available for purchase by Apex customers. So what exactly is a Friends & Family barrel? Well, nobody is perfect, and that includes your friends here at Apex. Shocking, yes we know. Anyway, when we make a barrel...
  6. Drop It Like It's Hot

    Drop testing is an important part of the Apex design process, supplying critical feedback on material selection, spring weights, and, of course, safety performance. In developing the new Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat, Apex's engineering team conducted 99 total drop tests. All drops of the Apex'd Hellcat were made from 6 feet onto concrete. Our drop test protocol calls...
  7. Caption Contest #42

    Caption Contest #42
    Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly welcome you to 'Caption Contest #42.' The winner will be selected by a team of experts here at Apex with zero regard for your feelings. And it will be a completely subjective choice on our part. What Do You Win? Winner gets an Apex trigger kit of his or her choice. This assumes your choice...
  8. Customized for Monsters

    Customized for Monsters
    If you're hunting monsters, then this is the wheelgun for you. Especially if your name is Earl Harbinger.
  9. Tools You Can Use: 1911 Ejector Pin Fixture

    Tools You Can Use: 1911 Ejector  Pin Fixture
    Working on your 1911 – or 2011 – just got a lot easier thanks to Apex's new 1911 Ejector Pin Fixture (part# 104-152). OK, maybe Randy Lee, founder and co-owner of Apex, and a master gunsmith who can build one helluva 1911, dreamt up the new tool and did all the design work. But hey, this is a team effort...
  10. How Customers Get Fired

    How Customers Get Fired
    Contrary to popular opinion, the customer is not always right. And there are times when the customer isn't just wrong but outright ugly in the way they conduct their business with a company. This, unfortunately, is one of those cases. Before we walk you through what happened it's probably a good idea to explain how we do business. Apex has...

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