Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly welcome you to 'Caption Contest #42.' The winner will be selected by a team of experts here at Apex with zero regard for your feelings. And it will be a completely subjective choice on our part.

What Do You Win?

Winner gets an Apex trigger kit of his or her choice. This assumes your choice is A) something we make, and B) it's in-stock. So don't ask us for a trigger for your VP9 , because you'll be automatically disqualified and we'll move on to our second place choice while making fun of you behind your back.

Contest Starts Tuesday, June 16th and Ends Monday, June 22nd

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Rules

Rule #1: Write a caption for this photo.

Rule #2: Keep it clean. Yeah, we’re talking to you, and you know who you are.

Rule #3: Enter by posting your caption as a comment to this specific blog post.

Rule #4: Posting your comment on our social media pages doesn’t count as an entry, so how about you don't do that.

Rule #5: Use of the words 'fitment' and/or 'dingus' in your caption are an automatic disqualification which is not subject to an appeal.

Rule #6: Re-read Rules 1-4 and particularly 5 to prove to us you're actually paying attention to what we write.

Winner will be notified by some process we haven't really thought through just yet. Probably just post a reply to your winning caption and wait for you to call us. We'll figure something out...this is the way.

Caption This Photo

"We came here to do two things, install some triggers and save some princesses…. almost out of triggers.” ~ Darrin E. (our contest winner)