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  1. Super Speed Ejection at the 2010 IRC

    Randy Lee's High Speed ejection.
  2. IRC - Pre Game Day 1 - by Scott

    Scott's random rant about preparations for the IRC.
  3. IRC in just a couple of days....Here goes nothin'

    Team Apex Prepares for the International Revolver Championship match. Scott talks about their equipment and the IRC prize table.
  4. Preparations for the IRC

    It's like Xmas in June for ICORE Members as the IRC is just around the Corner. Team Apex is signed up for the match and in preparations to shoot with the world's best revolver shooters, so I thought I'd share what we're doing to be ready for the match.  Most people think match preparation means shooting hundreds of rounds a...
  5. The True Gunsmith's Hammer....The Shooboy Pro

    I've been playing with the Shooboy Pro Hammer for the past few months and I've found it to be the most useful tool on my bench, I've used it for everything from tapping out tiny pins to driving nails into 2x4s. I give you the “Shooboy Pro” Features: Knurled grip: Now that's what I call staying power.  Most Gunsmith specific...
  6. Apex Tactical Mentioned in Nutnfancy

    Apex Tactical Specialties was mentioned in a M&P Product review video by Nutnfancy
  7. Apex Tactical Specialties and The Tactical Wire

    We're happy to announce this morning that Apex Tactical has a fantastic write up in the Tactical Wire. http://www.thetacticalwire.com/archived/2010-04-22_tactical.html The Tactical Wire is a FREE bi weekly E-Publication that is one of the best places to get the latest and greatest news from our industry. We strongly encourage everybody to signup for the Tactical Wire and remain up to date...
  8. ICORE Southwest Regional Complete

    We had a great time this weekend shooting the Southwest Regional. Lisa and I spent Saturday at the Hogue Action Pistol Range competing with just under 100 other shooters. It was a tough but fun match. Our squad was filled with jokers and comedians; there was never a dull moment. While on the "Pro Am" stage, Lisa was managing the...
  9. Preparations for the South West Regional

    In preparation for the Southwest Regional ICORE match, Lisa and I loaded up 600 rounds of 38 Special on her Dillon Super 1050. I thought I'd share some pics.
  10. Welcome to Apex Tactical Blog

    Welcome!! Check back soon and we will have more to share! Also check out Facebook and Apex Twitter ! http://www.facebook.com/apextactical http://www.twitter.com/apextactical

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