By now, competators for the IRC are headed into San Luis Obispo to prepare for the big weekend.  Many of them are traveling from across the country and some are coming half way around the world for our annual Revolverfest.  This year's IRC is larger than it's ever been and the prize table is far more extensive than anytime before.  I've heard rumors from a very reliable source that aside from the normal prize table, the following items are going to be raffled off to the shooters:
That's a pretty hefty raffle table if you ask me.
It seems the clocks are spinning at twice their normal rate this week, as we all prepare for the match.  Lisa, Randy and I each loaded up our match ammo over this past weekend, 500 rounds a piece of 170 gr. lead goodness.  Lisa made us a handful of dummies for practice, so we've all been practicing sticking our reloads over and over again, and when we're done with that, we practice some more.  I put in 2 solid hours of dry fire last night with my gun, most of that consisted of reloading the gun.  The reason I practice the reload so much, isn't because I want to be a fast reloader, it's because I've shot autos for so long that I'm afraid I'm gonna try to stick a moonclip into the butt of the revolver and somebody will snap a picture at just the right moment.
We're estimating nearly 90% of the shooters at this year's IRC have Apex Parts or Apex Action Work on their S&W revolvers.   We're going to see everything from our Competition Firing Pin Kits to full custom guns on the range this weekend.  This is promising to be great fun and an awesome match.
I'm shooting a S&W 627 with a Ti Cylinder, Apex Hammer, Competition Firing Pin kit and Level 4 Action work.  We're all shooting 170 gr. RN bullets in Remington Brass with federal primers, all held together with the best of the best Hearthco Moonclips.  We're using CR Speed belts and Holsters to carry our gear.  Randy and Lisa have Johnson Precision Mag Racks that carry 8 moon clips a piece on magnetic posts for super fast grabs on the reload.