We have a few barrels set aside for Friends & Family…and other associated riffraff. And now we’re making this limited supply of barrels available for purchase by Apex customers.

So what exactly is a Friends & Family barrel?

Well, nobody is perfect, and that includes your friends here at Apex. Shocking, yes we know. Anyway, when we make a barrel that’s not quite what we consider 100% retail ready, we set it aside for sale to Friends & Family.

When we say it’s not 100% retail ready, we’re talking about things that have these barrels kicked out during the final QC process. Things like too many Rockwell hardness test marks, small cosmetic imperfections, and even sometimes threads that are ever so slightly out of tolerance but still perfectly good for use with a compensator. Let’s face it, you’re gonna glue the thing on anyway.
Though they may not look 100% perfect, they’re still going to shoot and function just like you expect an Apex barrel to…. like a dream.
Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I get me one of them there Friends & Family barrels?” 

Great question, simple answer. 

Just contact Apex Customer Service at (623) 322-0200 and tell them you’re looking for a Friends & Family barrel for your pistol. We have barrels for the M&P, M&P M2.0, FN 509 and even a very few for the SDVE. Customer Service can tell you if we have the one you want on hand, exactly why we put it in the Friends & Family bin, and what your cost would be.

We have both threaded and non-threaded M&P barrels in the bin. And don’t worry, threaded barrels will come with a thread protector. We’re not savages, for God’s sake.