Last week Randy set up the new Apex Forward Setting Sear in Lisa's M&P 9 Pro. Randy custom fabricated an over travel stop and installed the complete Comp AEK and a RAM. The trigger pull weighs in at an even 2lbs, the trigger breaks at nearly .040" forward of where the factory Sear breaks and has extremely limited over travel. We brought Lisa's M&P into Shot Show for the last couple of days. After a quick visit to the Safety Office for a safety inspection and official Inert Gun tag, we hit the floor to share the trigger pull with the guys at the Tango Down booth. Hilton Yam got his hands on it first and seemed impressed with the results. I had forgotten to get the camera out before handing him the gun, so I wasn't able to get his reaction, but the rest are self explainatory. We got to talking to a couple spanish speaking gentlemen about the Forward Set Sear, he asked to see the gun, so I pulled it out and handed it over. Like all the others he put his finger on the trigger expecting a longer up take, but was shocked when the trigger broke at a clean 2lbs and so far forward. His response was the absolute best but I wasn't able to catch it on video, he got a shocked look on his face, his eyes light up and in perfect English....and I mean no accent at all.....he says "Ballistic Orgasm!" The 2 guys I have here know what our Comp AEKs feel like, but I was lucky enough to catch their first reactions with the Forward Set Sear on camera. FSS First Reactions