This morning was an incredibly traumatic day for all of us here at Apex. The day started like any other, I got to work, took the shop mutts; Zoey and Luigi out to do their usual morning business in the field (yes I picked it up) and proceeded to make my usual good mornings to my coworkers. Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary.

While standing outside talking to Lisa and Steve, the dogs started their typical rough play of the day with a bit of neck biting from Luigi and leg nipping by Zoey. After a few seconds Luigi got a hold of Zoey's collar and started to tug. She fought back and they began wrestling....and that's where it all went wrong. Luigi's canines got under Zoey's collar and he rolled over, cinching Zoey's collar around her neck and choking her. She yelped screeched and tried to pull away, causing Luigi pain, so as you would expect, he tried to pull away causing Zoey to pull back and make their predicament worse.

As soon as I realized what was going on, I ran out to calm them down and try to free them. He was so bound up in her collar, I wasn't able to get enough force on the tab of her leather collar to tighten it ever so slightly and release the catch. I kept trying and my middle finger ended up getting chomped on ever so slightly, which isn't a big deal. Zoey twitched and got my wrist right in her mouth and chomped down with what seemed like being bitten by Chewbacca....which equaled blinding pain for me. She released me right away, but kept struggling with Luigi. I noticed her tongue turning a deep dark purple, very similar to a chow's tongue. My dog was dying right in front of me and I couldn't do anything about it.

After another moment or two which seemed like an eternity of struggling, Zoey momentarily blacked out or just gave up, but it was enough for me to get Luigi flipped over and break him free of her collar and allow her to breathe again. She didn’t' immediately spring back to her feet, she just kind of laid there for a minute catching her breath, but breathing with her eyes open. After a couple of minutes with the 4 of us petting her (Ron from next door had come over to help along with Lisa and Steve), to our relief she wagged her tail a few times.

Now on to the injuries.....She punctured my wrist pretty good. Luckily the puncture was on top of my wrist and not on the bottom. We've cleaned it, dressed and iced it for now. I'll be going to a doctor to have it checked out in a little bit here, but it doesn't seem too bad. I have full use of all my fingers and am just sore where she bit me.

And all this happened before 8 o'clock this morning. Both Zoey and Luigi are fine, neither is bleeding or acting any differently than normal. They’ve both taken treats from us and are doing their usual guard duty(consisting of sleeping all day) on the front porch of the shop. Hell of a way to start the last day I'm in town before heading off to Louisiana for the Gator Classic USPSA

And no, I didn’t punish either of them over what happened.