Muffler Bearing

Muffler Bearing

Arizona Xmas Tree

Arizona Xmas Tree

Mr. Wall Mount

Perfect for displaying your awesome AZ Nunchuck Co. Candle Stick, Mourning Glory, Flails, and more!

NOTE: Candle Stick, Xmas Tree, Muffler Bearing, etc. sold separately.

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If you're awesome enough to have a Candle Stick or a Spike Maul, or a Flail...Or you're a true Badass and you have a Muffler Bearing, but you're sad because all it does is sit there hidden away from people's attention. BE SAD NO MORE! The AZ Nunchuck Company has your back.

Our team of highly trained monkeys designed, developed, tested, broke, redesigned, retested, broke get the idea. At the end, they came up with Mr. Wall Mount to display most of your AZ Nunchuck Co. goodness.

- Single piece machined aluminum construction

- Black anodized finish with AZ Nunchuck Co. Logo

- Mounts flush to your wall with hidden screw pockets (hardware included)

- Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By:

- Ninjas and Ninja Assassins

- Counter Ninja Assassins

- Really Awesome Mall Cops (aka Mall Ninjas)

- People who believe this is better than a damn flashlight

- Archaeologists Named Indiana & mysterious men called Col. Mustard

What's Included

1 ea. Custom Machined Mr. Wall Mount

2 ea. Set of Wall Anchors and Screws

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