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Arizona Candle Stick

Arizona Candle Stick

Ichabod Pumpkin Flail

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The Good Stuff:

The Ichabod Flail is a must-need item for all pumpkin kings, pumpkin queens, and wicked ninjas. *Cue eerie music, howling and lightning* Now, don’t lose your head if you are simply a regular ninja or non-pumpkin royalty; you will still look awesome while wielding The Ichabod!


The Ichabod features a black aluminum handle with black pommel on the end, black chain, and an orange-anodized Jack-O-Lantern machined from aluminum. The pommel helps to prevent losing your grip on the handle while demonstrating your awesome pumpkin-spiced skills.


The Ichabod is a limited-edition item, so grab one before it’s too late. *More scary sounds and lightning*




  • Aluminum machined Pumpkin Head measuring 2.66” (dia) Orange Anodized with the Jack-O-Lantern face cut into Raw Aluminum.
  • Aluminum machined handle and pommel finished in Black Anodize.
  • Dual Steel Chain Studs with ball bearings for maximum life and smooth operation
  • 12” Black Steel Chain (Overall extended length 25”)
  • Assembled and ready to smash
  • Manufactured in the Kick-ass State of Arizona


For Use By:

  • Ninjas
  • Ninja Assassins
  • Counter Ninja Assassins
  • Really Awesome Mall Cops (aka Mall Ninjas)
  • Dudes Named Chuck



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– Not for sale to California or Massachusetts.

– Not for sale outside of the 50 continental United States.

– All products are intended to be visual pieces of interest, such as “Movie Props”.

– Use appropriate protective equipment with this product.

What's Included

1 Set: Arizona Nunchuck Co. Custom, Super Special, Seasonal, Limited Edition Pumpkin Flail…

       A.K.A. The Ichabod

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