The following is the first review on the new MRAT Comp for the FNX-45. It comes from one of Apex's product testers.

Posted on Reddit by Seth, one of Apex's MRAT testers.

I was one of the testers and honestly I'm still blown away by this thing everyday. The FNX-45 is my favorite handgun so I had plenty of time with it before the comp. I actually have two of them. I did side-by-side testing in slo-mo and some various other pseudo science tests. I am currently at around 3,200 rds with the comp installed.

To name a few different brands of ammo I used, I have tested with Federal HST, Sig V-Crown, PPU, Blazer, Winchester, 600 rds of Tula, and then the ammo I shot to try to make it fail. This was 1,500 rds of three different bullet weights, but handloads that are extremely light. Light as possible, in fact, for suppressed use.

I have yet to have a single bobble or malfunction. Tula, aluminum case, and light handloads are generally not recommended by any manufacturer for any compensator on a handgun. This did not stop the MRAT in anyway.

The recoil reduction I have seen is anywhere from 35% on the lightest stuff to around 75% recoil reduction on LCD 78gr at 1900fps.

The recoil reduction is felt and noticed but what makes it truly exceptional is the consistency shot for shot. Muzzle flip reduction aids in extremely consistent follow up shots. Making one handed shooting a breeze.

The comp comes with a custom guide rod that, don't quote me but, I believe is 15-17lbs. It's required due to the compensator reducing slide speed. What does this do for you? It makes the gun feel so much smoother during manipulations. Press checks are much easier than with the factory 22lb spring.

The FNX-45 is a large gun but it no longer feels like a "big gun" while doing manipulations, even for my female shooters I've had fire it. This also means a slide locked back reload is also easier to defeat the slide release. Essentially it's butter.

Installation was a breeze. I used blue Loctite when it arrived and I marked the screws with nail polish. They have not budged. In the package you will be getting a vial of a much better thread lock medium.

(Disclaimer: I did not have a relationship with Apex Tactical before I was sent the comp. I was just a very happy customer when I found out they made a +2 base pad for the FNX-45. Which has also been put to the test in every way you can think.)

I came in without a bias but I can say I have one now.

They make a quality product and have customer service and attention to the customer on a personal level I've not seen from any parts manufacturer. Firearms related or otherwise.

The MRAT is not just a comp. It’s a drop-in performance kit.