PEORIA, Ariz. – Citing "a significant accuracy enhancement for the tactical shooter," the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has approved for duty use the highly accurate Apex Grade Barrel in the Department’s 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P pistols carried by the LASD Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB).

The decision to authorize the aftermarket barrel designed and manufactured by Apex Tactical Specialties followed stringent testing by the department that found not only a significant increase in accuracy over the original factory barrel but also 100% reliability during testing.

In its official authorization, LASD evaluators noted the following performance characteristics from the Apex Grade Barrel:

  • Significant increase in the mechanical accuracy of the pistol evidenced by an over 200% decrease in group size at 25 yards
  • 100% reliability with all ammo tested including Winchester SXT 147gr and Federal HST 147gr
  • Over 30,000 rounds were fired over the test period in two pistols and no firearm related malfunctions were noted

Individual deputies assigned to the Special Enforcement Bureau may now purchase barrels for on-duty use directly from Apex, at special law enforcement only pricing, with barrel fitting to be performed by either the LASD department armorer or SEB armorer.

"Apex is extremely pleased to offer deputies of the Special Enforcement Bureau the most accurate barrel upgrade available for the M&P," said Apex CEO Randy Lee, who received a U.S. Patent for his design of the Apex Grade Barrel.

The extensive testing conducted by LASD reaffirmed Apex's own testing where the Apex Grade Barrel routinely outperformed the factory barrel, as well as other aftermarket barrels, shooting sub one-inch five shot groups at 25 yards. Apex has even shot groups under an inch out to 50 yards.

"If accuracy is a tactical advantage, then there is no greater advantage for the deputies of the LASD Special Enforcement Bureau than outfitting their duty pistols with an Apex Grade Barrel," added Lee.

The LASD Special Enforcement Bureau joins the Port Authority of Allegheny County Police Department which has also authorized the Apex Grade Barrel for duty use. Law Enforcement agencies interested in evaluating the Apex Grade Barrel, or other Apex aftermarket upgrades, can contact Apex at (623) 322-0200 for product information and law enforcement agency pricing.

Features and Specifications:
– For 9mm M&P and M&P M2.0 Pistols
– Available in 5.00", 4.25” and 4.00" Barrel Lengths
– Cold Hammer-Forged Stainless Steel
– 1:10” Twist Rate
– Apex Part #: 105-052 (5.00")
– Apex Part #: 105-053 (4.25")
– Apex Part #: 105-049 (4.00")
Easy to Install

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