Our new Sigma Spring Kit is up online for sale. GET IT HERE. Here's the product information. Apex Sigma Spring Kit Products included: 4 A) Apex Sigma Trigger Return Spring B) Apex Sigma Striker Block Spring C) Apex Sigma Striker Spring D) Apex Sigma Slave Pin What it does The Apex Sigma Spring Kit is designed as a drop in spring kit for the S&W Sigma Series pistol. This kit was developed to reduce trigger pull weight while maintaining reliability. By installing our reduced weight striker block spring, the Sigma trigger pull is smoothed up and the reset becomes more pronounced. The reduced weight trigger return and striker springs allow for less uptake pressure to provide an easier trigger pull every time. Expected results • Smoother trigger pull • Smoother reset • Trigger pull weight reduction by nearly 2lbs from factory pull weight Applicable to the following guns All Smith & Wesson Sigma “C” , “F” & “VE” model Semi Auto Pistols. This kit is different from the SD kit. The striker spring is longer to accommodate the Sigmas need for a longer striker spring. If you need a kit for your SD, see our SD SPRING KIT PAGE Retail: $19.95