In case you're wondering what people will be shooting at this year's S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals, here's stage 2 which is sponsored by - wait for it - Apex.
STAGE DESIGN: DR Cuddeback & Les Davala
SCENARIO: As you and your family continue to travel through the amusement park, you come upon Munchkin Land. All is beautiful and fun until you look up and find that the landscape is now full of thugs and little criminals. Handle It.
PROCEDURE: At the buzzer, advance to P2 and engage T1 – T3 with 2 rounds each in tactical priority. Move to P3 or P4 and engage the visible targets with 2 rounds each using cover. Move to the opposite side and engage the remaining targets with 2 rounds each using cover. Movement forward is prohibited.
SCORING: Vickers ROUND COUNT: 18 TARGETS: 9 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat SCORED HITS: Best 2 on Paper CONCEALMENT: Required