The IRC is is complete, now what?  Train for next year?  Sure, why not?  However, I'm not one to train for an entire year for just one match.

I started my pistol shooting career Steel Challenge and IDPA when I was living in OR, but really liked USPSA Production when I started shooting it at the COSSA Shooting Range out side of Bend, OR.  I figured I'd go back to what I had the most fun with so, I decided to grab an M&P, drop the Apex Comp-AEK into it and hit Production as hard as possible.

My Gear:
S&W M&P 9L  with the Apex Competition Action Enhancement Kit (Comp-AEK) The sights will be changed to Warren Tactical sights as soon as I can order them and throw them on, but for now.....factory it is.

Holsters and Mag Pouches: Mike at Talon Tactical set me up with one of his holsters and a set of mag carriers.

I shot Area 1 about 3 years ago and had a great time, only problem is.....I wasn't classified....Yet I'm still not classified, guess I need to get off my butt and shoot some classifiers.

To kick off my new obsession with shooting USPSA, Lisa and I shot the Tri-Tip match this weekend at the Hogue Action Pistol Range here in Morro Bay.  We had 59 shooters, including some big names like Dave Sevigny and Taran Butler this year.  The match was great, 10 stages plus an optional night match with a cash pay out.  Dave took top honors at the main match and the night match.

Lisa Farrell shooting the Tri-Tip

Scott Folk shooting the Tri-Tip

I was squadded with Dave, Taran and the rest of the top shooters that night and had an incredible time.  The Morro Bay Police Department brought out a patrol car to use for strobing lights and the siren.  The A squad changed it up a bit, we asked the Officer running the car to kill the spot lights and run the car Code 3 (Full lights and Siren).  As soon as the buzzer sounded, the siren would fire up and not stop until the stage was complete....Too much fun.

USPSA Tri-Tip Night Match 2010

I'm planning to continue on and shoot more USPSA, hit some area matches and see how hard I can push my M&P 9L.