I took my M&P 9L with the prototype for the Apex RAM out to the range this weekend to shoot a USPSA match for the first time. The difference in the trigger reset is definitely noticable.

When shooting "at speed", which is to say half second or better splits, I've found that the reset click of the trigger between shots is almost completely unnoticable because of how I was trained to reset and re-uptake the trigger during the recoil impulse of the slide.

About half way through the second stage I started to notice the reset, even while shooting for .25 splits. The reset is very noticible and definitely more positive with the RAM. I could feel a distinctive click every time I reset the trigger, which was my que to re-uptake and prep the trigger in preparation of the next shot. I found myself better able to reset and get back on the trigger because the RAM gave me the tactile indication I need to go as fast as my current skill set takes me. I'm looking forward to shooting the next match to see if I can push my performance envelope further.

We're on track for a public release of the Apex RAM on November 1, 2010. Keep an eye here on our Blog for more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.