We're very pleased to announce that we've completed product validation testing on the Apex Slide for the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro Series Pistols. We have machine time scheduled to begin manufacturing these slides in the next few weeks and we expect to launch the slides for sale mid-Summer 2024.

Key Slide Highlights

  • Launch Timeline: Manufacturing will begin shortly with sales starting mid-summer 2024.
  • Compatibility: Fits all Apex aftermarket Hellcat/Hellcat Pro slide components and barrels, plus all factory Hellcat slide components.
  • Designs and Colors: Available in Honeycomb and Classic serrations in black and FDE.
  • American Made: Proudly 100% made in the USA, right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Detailed Features and Options

Material and Compatibility

Machined from heat-treated stainless steel, the Apex Slide is compatible with all Apex aftermarket components and barrels for Hellcat/Hellcat Pro, as well as factory Hellcat slide components.

Design Options

  • Classic Slide - Forward angled Front and rear serrations with balancing window cuts. 
  • Honeycomb Slide - Negative Hex pattern front and rear serrations with balancing window cuts. 
Apex Slide for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro with classic serrations

Color Options

Enhanced Features and Optics Compatibility

These slides include the following: 

  • XS Night sight set - Orange Ring front sight with Green Tritium dot. Rear sight with 2 green Tritium dots. 
  • Sight cuts match the factory Hellcat sight pattern and will accept any sights designed for the Hellcat Pro. 
  • Optic Cut Cover Plate and screws - Cover plate is 3D Polymer and the customer may choose between the following colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, or Purple.  Optic Mount screws with pre-applied thread locker for Holosun K-Type Optics. (Torque these screws to 15 in-lb using a T-10 driver). 

Optic Mount Cut 

  • Optic Mount Cover Plate and screws included 
  • Optic Cut for Holosun K Series optics
  • Fits the 407K, 507K, EPS, & EPS Carry 
  • Optic mountings screws for Holosun Optics included 
  • Also fits Shield Arms RMSC Optics (Use screws included with the RMSC optics) 
  • Optic Mount holes are 4mm x .7mm with 4+ threads to ensure maximum optic holding power

Key feature: Optic mount holes do not penetrate into the extractor spring channel. This feature prevents the optic mounting screws from interfering with the extraction system, no matter what screws are used. 

Apex Slide for Hellcat and Hellcat Pro with honeycomb serrations

What You'll Need to Install the Slide

This is a “partially stripped” slide, meaning you'll need to provide all of the slide internals including the barrel and recoil assembly. 

You’ll need to install the following parts from their original slide or procure new components: 

  • Striker Assembly 
  • Striker Block & Spring 
  • Extractor & Extractor Plunger Assembly 
  • Slide Back Plate 
  • Barrel & Recoil Assembly 

Recoil Assemblies: Use an Apex Recoil Assembly for the Hellcat Pro or the factory Hellcat Pro Recoil Assembly. 

For customers installing this on a Classic Hellcat, you will need to use an Apex Hellcat Recoil Assembly or acquire a factory Hellcat Pro Recoil Assembly.

You’ll also need to supply a barrel and can use any Apex barrel for the Hellcat Pro or factory Hellcat Pro barrel.   

Compatibility with Aftermarket Components

These slides were tested to function with Apex Hellcat Pro barrels and Springfield Armory factory Hellcat Pro barrels. Other manufacturers’ barrels have not been tested to function with this slide. 


We’ve thoroughly tested and validated the design of this slide with factory Springfield parts and Apex parts. We DO NOT warranty or guarantee that other companies’ parts will work in this slide. If you install non-Apex or non-Springfield components intended for the Hellcat or Hellcat Pro into this slide, Apex will not be able to provide technical support as those products are not validated. 

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